Completed – Construction of 225 KV / 90/16 KV Substation at Djibi Lot 1 in Cote D’Ivoire.

recommended you read The objective of the project was to the strengthen electricity sector in Cote D’Ivoire and involved setting up a new 225 KV substation equipped with 4 x 50 MVA power transformers, line bays interconnecting the existing Riviera and Abobo substations and 34 nos. 16.50 KV Switchgear Panels for outgoing feeders, to energize the adjoining residential and commercial areas.  The project also involved setting up SCADA based centralized control center for substation operations. This substation in Abidjan is unmanned and fully remote controlled from Load Dispatch Centre in Abobo.

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The project was full of challenges right from the start, viz. remoteness of the site where proper access was not available and lots of make shift arrangements had to be made for movement of man and machine to the site. The project site was in low lying area with lots of accumulated water in it. It required huge volume of back filling, to level it with a level difference even reaching up to 4 m at some points.   As blasting was not allowed in Ivory Coast, site leveling was tedious.  Being coastal area, raw soil for backfilling was not available nearby and had to be brought from over 70 km.


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